أعتقِ النفسَ المسبِّية وأنفتِق عن بذرةِ الشر ليلًا ، ونادي أيا ظلامُ ألم ترى من الأمرِ شيئًا ؟


I Was In The Darkness For So Long , So Darkness I Became


The Darkness In Me , Is Her Salvation

ويبقى الألمُ فقط | And Only Pain Remains

شكرًا على الـ 10000 مُشاهدة | ten thousand views


  • " The thunder merged with the sorcery uncovering the mighty power of doom lurked within the hearts , deceiving the morn merely a man he was , swung between lust and sloth hence , my darling the road had just begun Atras was created , and it flames will never be extinguished maim the truth , you have just lied and cease the float of power above what a serpent crawled deep inside , till it fed all on me ? I loathe you my apollyon , why do I love you erupt the war , I'm here standing till my last breath ? oh slumberless nights , where do I go to where shall me run to ? from his eye's

    he's the hunter of mine was it legit ? to prove that he was there sleeping unlike me , and destroying every last cult I need a truce , he shall not approve and I dread under his rule , apollyon was the only fool his siege , an eternal ecstasy and must the mourning remain still until he decides not to fill the ill accusing himself of the treachery it was nice to learn a tranquility lament for me , it's my aftermath .

    Arlette to Apollyon,Thousand Years Back
  • " Let me be the one you believe in I will save your soul for a live after death Satan embodies the satisfaction of desire And not a life of abstinence Satan embodies the rigorous existence And not the spiritual fantasy

    Satan embodies absolute wisdom And not a holy self-deception Satan will give your favor And no love to the thanklessness Let me be the one you believe in I will save your soul for a live after death Satan embodies revenge In fact of a fault in a second time Satan embodies responsibility To the guys of sound mind Satan embodies all the sins...

    Kazu To Enemies,Valeran War


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